Number of organic sessions* (i.e. “Visits”) to your website within the past 12 months.
Average amount spent by clients/customers (exclude dollar signs and commas). Not sure? Divide your total revenue by the total number of sales within the past 12 months.
A prospect that has engaged with your content via form fill, click to call, chat session, etc., and is likely to become a future client/customer. Set the % of website visitors that become MQLs (leave at 20% if you’re not sure).
A lead that has been vetted and ready for the next stage. Set the % of website visitors that become SQLs (leave at 2% if you’re not sure).
Your monthly marketing budget. Please Note: A higher budget allows us to dedicate more resources and target a greater number of keywords to increase sales.
Your Yearly ROI:

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*If using Google Analytics, go to Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages and click on All Users. Under Segment Name, uncheck ‘All Users’, check ‘Organic Traffic’ and hit apply. Set the start/end dates for one full calendar year.